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Autism Spectrum Disorder


The main areas of difficulty for individuals with Autism are social communication, repetitive behaviours, restricted interests and sensory processing difficulties. This can impact on everyday participation in life skills and school. Examples of sensory processing problems include avoidance of hand dryers and vacuum cleaners, big reactions to sirens, picky mealtime behaviour, toe walking, anxiety about fabrics such as clothing, difficulty with body coordination and low muscle tone

How can we help?

Our team have years of experience working with children and teenagers with Autism. We can support development of many areas to help you participate in what is important to you. This may include talking, listening, problem solving, organisational skills. making friends, dressing, toileting, sensory processing, mealtimes, body coordination and muscle strengthening that can help with bike riding and playing sport.

We will work with you to create a pathway for an INCREDIBLE future

Helpful Tip: Asdetect is an app that provides some guidance as to whether you should seek further assessment for your child. It is intended to screen children aged 2.5years and younger.